Mounting Instructions Carrier Block for Brompton

The carrier block for the BROMPTON bike is not shipped fully assembled, you will receive it in individual parts. This allows it to be sent in a space-saving manner, which saves a little resources. Here are the instructions on how to fix it:

1. The release lever consists of four parts

- The barb that secures the Carrier Block Adapter
- The spring that always keeps the barb in the secured position
- The unlocking lever with which you can unlock your luggage
- The locking screw that attaches the release lever to the barb

2. Installing the release lever on the holder

The spring must be threaded onto the guide pins of the barb as shown in the picture above. The barb is then inserted into the holder, thread first.

3. Unscrew the unlocking lever

Now the unlocking lever can be screwed on from the other side. Once it is fully seated, turn the lever back so that the opening of the lever faces the tapered side of the holder

4. Secure the release lever
The locking screw can now be inserted and fastened.

5. The frame is attached to the bike with the short screws.

6. Now the holder can be attached to the frame with the long screws, the tapered side facing up.