Collection: Science

Collection: Science

The symbol "N" is used to avoid confusion when referring to high purities. So 2N means 99% purity, 2N5 = 99.5%, 5N8 = 99.9998%, 6N = 99.9999% and so on. Rare earth purities are based only on purities compared to other rare earths. Rare earth metals can also contain additional unavoidable impurities from reducing agents and/or crucible materials.

We currently offer two purities, 4N (99.99%) and 6N (99.9999%). The raw material for the 6N granules is 7N, but when repackaging into the small bottles, airborne contamination must be assumed, which is why we declare it as 6N.

gallium (31) [Ga]

Chemical formula: Ga
Atomic number: 31
Series: Metals
Appearance: silvery white
Mass fraction of the earth's shell: 14 ppm
Physical state: solid
Density: 5.904 g cm−3
Melting point: 29.76°C
Boiling point: 2400°C
Mohs hardness: 1.5
Molar volume: 11.80 10−6 m3/mol
Heat of fusion: 5.59 kJ/mol
Heat of vaporization: 256 kJ/mol
CAS: 7440-55-3

GHS hazardous substance labeling:
H: 290-315-319-335
P: 234-280-305+351+338
EU hazardous substance labeling:
R: 36/37/38
International naming: 鎵, Га́ллий, Γάλλιο, غاليوم, Galio, Galyum, Gallio, Gal, Gálio