Why do you need a CoC document?

Why should I buy a chain of custody document?

If a vehicle does not yet have papers from the country in which it is to be registered, the Certificate of Conformity is used by the registration office to determine the technical data required for registration. CoC confirms that the vehicle is of an approved type. It simplifies registration - even if the vehicle is to be registered in another EU country. Before the CoC certificate was introduced, the effort involved in registering a car from the EU was significantly higher.

Can I register a vehicle without a CoC document?

If no COC document is presented during registration, the registration office needs information about the vehicle's technical data from another source. Alternatively, the TÜV can do a full inspection according to §21 StVZO or §13 EG-FGV, but this has three major disadvantages:

  1. the fees for a full acceptance are usually significantly higher than the costs for a COC paper
  2. Since the vehicle cannot usually be assigned to an existing EC type approval number, the type numbers in the vehicle registration document are erased. On the one hand, this makes it difficult to search for suitable spare parts, which is done in many independent workshops using the manufacturer and type numbers.
  3. Many accessories or tuning parts have an ABE, with which the manufacturer proves that these parts (e.g. rims) can be used on this vehicle. This means that these accessories can be used on the vehicle without being registered. However, if this assignment to a type approval number is missing, the parts must be checked for suitability on the individual vehicle and entered in the vehicle documents.

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