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Frame lock for Brompton handlebars and titanium frames

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With this frame lock from COMEPLAY, these bulky plastic sticks can be exchanged for high-quality titanium locks. These look better, are about 7 grams lighter, feel better and are more functional than the ones originally installed on the bike.

The highlight of this upgrade: the profile of the clamping piece is asymmetrical. This means that if it is positioned correctly, the frame can already be folded up without the clamping piece being able to turn on the screw. Since one side is slightly longer, this prevents rotation. This means that the screw can usually simply be screwed back on when it is folded out and there is no need to fiddle around with fitting the clamping piece properly! This is way more durable than those silly 3D printed plastic parts.

The assembly is plug & play: unscrew the old toggle screw, remove the locking screw of the new one, screw in the new titanium toggle screw and fasten with the locking screw.

The safety screw and the screwable handle should be tightened after assembly and secured with a screw lock (e.g. Locktite).

Scope of delivery:
- Toggle screw with clamping piece and locking screw

Weight: 45g

Customer Reviews

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Rainer S.
Titanknebel für Brompton

Nicht nur aus optischen Erwägungen (auch beim Gewicht kommt bei Titan doch im Laufe der Zeit ein wenig Einsparung zusammen).
Ich stelle so Stück für Stück bei meinem Brompton auf Titan um.
Der Service und die persönliche Beratung macht richtig Spaß. Als Nächstes ist der Seitenständer auf der Wunschliste.